Home Collection added to portfolio

Home Collection

This brand concept is available for acquisition with the inclusion of the secured domain.

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A distinct opportunity for the Real Estate Professional, Agency, Real Estate Franchise or Established Project Builder looking to showcase home sales online.

Both searchable and effective in portrayal of a long established entity in a very competitive marketplace.

This new branding concept also suits the online showcasing of home wares, furnishings or branded residences. 

Your urgent action is advised to secure this unique Brand and Domain. 


Shopping in the City

Although specialising in branding new construction start-ups, developments and projects we do find fun in conceptualising brands for other industries, services and business models.

This week we have added one such brand to our currently showcased and available brands. City Shopper cleverly combines the common connection of the Barcode with Retail Therapy and bundles it up with an identifiable city skyline. The effect is an instantly identifiable, effective and connective brand identity.

This new brand concept suits several of viable start-ups or showcase re-branding options. 

We have a host of other available brand options for start-ups, corporate re-branding and projects. 

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City Shopper

An easily identifiable and connective brand identity. 

Retail Shopping Showcase
Online Shopping Showcase
Personal Shopping Services
Personal Stylist Services 

This brand concept is available for immediate acquisition with the inclusion of the secured domain.


Studio relative brands showcased

It has been another busy week for the designers here at BUILT with the launch of two new brands.  As we pride ourselves in being immediately attentive to content requests from our existing and growing client base, its a case of burning the midnight oil to add newly available brands to our showcase.

These latest additions aimed to include both domestic and international Architectural Design Studios as viable start-ups who may require a solid brand.

These newly showcased brands utilise a simple logotype style. This provides a simple, elegant and instantly identifiable mark.  

Both brand concepts suit a multitude of viable start-ups or corporate re-branding options. 

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These brand concepts are available for immediate acquisition with the inclusion of the secured domains.


11 Degrees

A simple and yet elegant solution for a design studio, branded development or tourism operations.

Design Studio
Branded Development
Resort Branding
Travel Services



Not really a quirky play on spelling but a solid and identifiable contemporary branding.

Modular Home Production
Architectural Studio
Construction Corporation
Consultancy Practice

Simple DIY CD Wallet for Free Download

We've been using this simple CD wallet ourselves for some years to add a professional feel to file delivery.
We have shared templates on various forums in the past. Now we have made it a little more user friendly and available in a few more formats.

It’s really very simple! Open the template, compile your artwork and print full size to an A4 then simply fold, glue and trim. It’s a great resource for anyone wanting to add a professional touch to the delivery of large digital files, photo libraries, music, movies and more.

As we've mentioned somewhere, we love designing stuff and sharing it around!  These templates are free to download and use for both personal and commercial purposes.

The templates themselves should contain all the guide information to get you started. 

It is recommended printing to 200gsm+ paper stock. 

New construction technologies brand

New technologies are emerging in the home construction arena. Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPS) have been utilised in Europe and the United States for many years and now posing a significant change to traditional home construction in the Australia.

Such panels effectively reduce construction times and significantly raise the overall energy efficiencies of the completed homes. They also perform extremely well in bushfire, and therefore permit speedy reconstruction of existing homes ravaged by bushfires. 

Built are proactively initiating brands in anticipation of the increasing adoption of emerging technologies within the building industry.

Whilst some of these technologies have been here for some time, often it has been the poor performance of their brands that has retarded acceptance. 

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panelformhomes.com  |  panelformhomes.com.au  |  panelform.com.au

Panel Form

With the emergence of new construction technologies demand grows for relevance in branding.

Modular Home Production
Modular Home Systems
Prefabricated Building Panels
Flat Pack Kitchen 

Studio and luxury home brands listed

Our designers aren't resting at the moment with such a wealth of brilliant brand concepts to be showcased.

The whole team have been dosing up on the coffee and working hard to ensure our future clients have a full spectrum of available brands to suit their new ventures.

Within an industry so competitive, creating or even finding a brand for your start-up venture can prove problematic.

This is the reasoning we continue to be proactive - to give our clients an edge over the competition from the moment they launch. 

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Lux Home

Identifying the more luxurious home range, furniture collection or product offering.

Project Home Packages
Luxury Furnishings
Furniture Showcasing
Branded Residences

studiohomes.co  |  studiohomes.co.uk  |  studiohomes.com.au

Studio homes

A simple, descriptive representation of the trend toward smaller functional living spaces.

Project Home Packages
Custom Home Builder
Modular Home Production
Online & Print Home Showcase

Brands aimed at interior design added to Showcase

You would by now have noticed the increasing trend toward smarter, more versatile and efficient homes, living spaces, furniture and storage solutions.

To assist those start-ups hoping to advantage this trend we have this week proactively initiated two new branding concept that will hitting the ground running.

BUILT only initiate brands we know will have instant market appeal or where we see demand through developing industries or technologies.

We demand these initiatives contain key searchable words or evoke a strong market sentiment as a long term established entity or business. 

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spacesmart.co  |  spacesmarthomes.com

Space Smart

With the trending toward smaller homes, Designers are developing spaces both smart & efficient.

Small Homes Designs
Smart Storage Solutions
Boutique Housing Project
Interior Design Studio


Versatile Living

A brand containing key searchable terms supported by an easily identifiable and emblematic icon.

Interior Design Studio
Furniture Showcasing
Modular Furniture Systems
Exterior Living Design

Our showcase keeps growing

This week we have proudly published three new and exciting available packages to our showcase. These concepts aimed at the housing industry - builder / developer, where a solid brand carries weight in the sentiment of long term establishment and trusted product delivery.

We're getting there since our launch just months ago. Creating brands that are well defined to enter our showcase does place it's demands on a small studio. If you have any venture in sight contact us as not all initiatives are featured.

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Built Small

A simple yet descriptive titling to narrow lot housing, packaged or custom prefabricated solutions.

Project Home Packages
Modular Home Production
Granny Flat Builder
Narrow Lot Housing


Form Homes

With the emergence of new building technologies comes an increasing demand for expressive brands.

Modular Building Panels
Sustainable Homes
Custom Home Builder
Modular Home Construction


Inhabit Homes

A growing acceptance and demand for efficient design and living environments is applying pressure on brand availability.

Sustainable Homes
Custom Home Builder
Modular Home Construction
Project Home Packages

New Brand Initiatives added to our Showcase

We continue to proactively initiate and develop new brands to allow any new upstart venture or business to hit the ground running. With any new venture time is money, the hair pulling frustration can take it's toll when considering a suitable, meaningful and available brand.

This week we have added two new featured brands to our growing portfolio.

We are getting around to showcasing all our available initiatives in and around developing custom client solutions. If you have any venture in sight contact us as not all initiatives are featured.

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Storage Qube

A simple and effective branding with iconic logo and tagline for adaptable storage systems or solutions.

Modular Furniture System
Office Furniture System
Transit Storage Systems
Off-Site Storage Solutions

helmsmansport.com  |  helmsmansport.com.au

Helmsman Sport

Adventure and excitement, sport and fashion – pursuits and products well serviced by a masculine brand.

Sporting Apparel 
Skin & Hair Products
Sailing Print Media
Online Sports News

Home Plan Brochures - Creative Fun and Playful

Versatile Homes continues to raise the bar on the market with the offer of these townhouses located like no other!

Park Lane is located in close proximity to shopping, healthcare services, schools and transport. They really do create "living connected". With large bedrooms, living and storage these townhouses represent a great opportunity for the first home buyer, growing family. For the investor seeking high return and secure investment, the old saying "location, location, location" rings rather loud.

And what a fun, playful job for us!! Splashing around the Versatile brand and striking colour theme BUILT developed makes each one of these launches just as exciting for us. Visit Versatile's house and land packages for more great properties.

Versatile Homes >

Property Showcase under development

We've been busy this last week developing a smart high contrast responsive site for the launch of a new Property Showcase for the international Omid Corporation.

When launched the site is to feature properties from value packages suited the first home buyer, the investor looking for higher secure returns or those seeking an ultimately unique property.

The site's development comes on the back of a soft corporate re-branding. We'll keep you posted on the launch!!

Versatile Homes new site Up & Running

What great fun we've had developing this stunning user friendly responsive site for Versatile Homes. This master builder provides a host of affordable compact home designs, dual occupancy and granny flat solutions.

The site features available stock of complete House and Land Packages, Townhouses, Adaptable Villas - all of which are in the affordable first home market or making for great second home investments.

We are still working on updating guides to the features, finishes and inclusions within their range! Why? Because they have "so many" great options!

Visit versatilehomes.com.au >

Aged Care Guide Launched

As part of our long running re-branding work with a well established Aged Care provider, BUILT have just launched their online Care Guide.

They've been keeping us busy of late developing a suite of stationary, vehicle graphics, signage, print ads and a suite of print and downloadable guides.

We are proud to be partnering to ensure families seeking advice on Aged Care are informed.

Visit localagedcare.com.au >

3D Car Collection for SketchUp Launched

One of the main culprits that slow procedures in 3D modelling is "Poly Loads" (the myriads of triangular geometries that compile any 3D form). We set about to develop this set of ultra-low polygon density cars, light enough for populating any scene on mass. Traditionally low poly cars are comprised of around 5000 polygons or faces, these cars achieve around 10% or 500 faces.

Further reductions in memory use are achieved by utilising groups of geometry such as wheels and seats replicated across the car and common to each car. This in effect means the application only needs to remember one wheel replicated multiple times.

During model development close attention to the exposure of only critical line work and contained detail ensured they suit the intended faux pencil, ink and watercolour image export.

Whilst the low poly nature of these vehicles doesn’t suit close up photo realistic renderings, the minimal detail makes them perfect for realistic images of scale models as cast or plastic miniatures.

To support their use in scale model style renders we also developed and included a typical twisted wire tree miniature that is common to many hand built architectural models.

Download introductory PDF >

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3D Plant Collection for SketchUp Launched

We’ve had these plant models on file for a while and decided to put a collection together and make them commercially available as we believe them to be some of the “best in class”!

The collection includes four full 3D Generic Grass Plants. These could be described as low - medium polygon density models, suited to most regions and climates.

Each is accompanied with an ultra-low poly proxy, hi res colour, bump and normal maps. They make great render scene fillers, in many cases serving 60-80% of all plants needed for any exterior scene or animation.

We trialled different techniques to avoid the issue common with such plants where at low camera angles the plant’s lateral foliage tends to visually diminish as the planes have no thickness. We finally overcome this issue by tilting the curved mapping planes.

Tilting the mapped geometry assists in greatly reducing the polygon count, as when multiple leaves and mapped to these planes each have more random radial angles, clever! To keep the "in scene" weight down the leaves are mapped with a greyscale map to which colour is applied through the material editor, whilst this reduces memory drag it also allows for more predictable colour editing!

Download introductory PDF >

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