Forming BIG ideas

A company "forming" big ideas! 

Form Construction are one of those companies emerging as the "Next Big Thing" in the Western Australia building industry. We are so excited to be partnering with them on other exciting new ventures.

These guys are driven by a sustainable approach to building, with continued research into new building technologies, practices and more effective management processes.

And so what's next? 

Well we can't let the cat out of the bag just yet, suffice to say that in some aspects you can expect to see a "raising of the bar" when it comes to new housing models. They are working hard and with passion to release a more sustainable housing model that will open our eyes to the future direction of Australia housing.  

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Home & Property Bang!

Home & Property

This brand concept is available for acquisition with the inclusion of the secured domain.

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As boutique Real Estate Agencies grow in number so does the demand for industry appropriate branding that has immediate and easy recall. 

Home and Property therefore represents one such brand. In fact it may one day be considered "The Brand", right up there with and as the ultimate online property search facility. |

19000 Followers on Pinterest

What a milestone! 

Funny how much a coincidence it can prove when you open your Pinterest page to find your following has just hit a milestone. 19000 followers on the button! Being Friday maybe its time for the office to celebrate.

For anyone wanting to search through a collection of pins that have inspired us, from Architecture to logos, page layout to being organised - you're sure to also be inspired.

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Always Planning to Extend

Versatile's New Extension

The guys at Versatile are always on the move, this week we are launching their new Versatile Extensions website.

Although their company is well established in the building industry, their online presence has been on the list of must do's for a while. Some people are at times just too busy doing what they do best - and they do it best. 

Planning is Critical

When considering an extension to your existing home good planning is paramount to ensure the final product is effective and functional, whilst the costs are contained. Choosing a company who are expert in this area is certainly the right choice.

Clients Have Their Say

No matter how much you sell yourself, what previous clients say about you is proof of a job well done. A wealth of positive testimonies attest that these guys do the job well. 

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New Look Design for BST Construction

What a great company to work with! 

BST Construction build stunning custom and Architecturally designed homes for some very fortunate clients. The most inspiring aspect of their business model is the relationship they build with clients, ensuring any new client fully understands the building contract.

Anyone who has engaged a builder would attest that contracts, their provisions and clauses can at times be overwhelming. By having a complete understanding of the relationship with the builder, you are assured this relationship is respected from the start of the project to completion.

And what fun we had! 

Developing an industry appropriate corporate re-imaging, including themed story boarding for the site's footer demonstrating their capabilities, were fun projects in themselves. Partnering with a client who understands the aims and intent you propose, is a REAL bonus.  

The site is built on a "responsive" platform so best viewing on any desktop, laptop or mobile interface is assured. 

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New Brand Direction for New Homes


This brand concept is available for acquisition with the inclusion of the secured domain.

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With part of the brand containing a highly searchable keyword coupling "New Home" this branding concept is highly marketable.

The added twist of taking home living in a continued "new" direction ensures the the brand will benefit from longevity. The concept promotes it's green credentials through the use of a symbolic logo.

Fortunately the both the .com and domestic .au domains could be secured for this branding concept. The concept may also suit online showcasing of home furnishings to an international audience. |

Let's Talk Loans!!!!!

Let's Talk Loans

This brand concept is available for acquisition with the inclusion of the secured domain.

More Available Brand Concepts >

With greater diversity in home lending, finance providers, brokers, online search and calculator options, the demand for brands that can in themselves reflect a solid tagline is on the increase.

Let's Talk Loans is one such catchy brand that doesn't lure with it's tag line - it is the tagline, plain and simple!

Stunning New Packaging Concept


This brand concept is available for acquisition with the inclusion of the secured domain.

More Available Brand Concepts >

Our head creative returned from a trip to Italy all inspired with an "idea" one that comes from seeing the "opportunity".

PikNikPak - a concept of support packaging through produce vendors which enable easy cartage to one's choice picnic spot.

Fortunately the supporting domains could be secured to allow any budding entrepreneur to run with the concept. |

About Care Suite Branding

About Care

This is a truly RARE opportunity to establish the ULTIMATE online resource for everything About Care.

The concept covers a full suite of guiding opportunities whilst eliciting the true essence of "the authoritative resource and online directory to services and providers".  

As we have secured the all relevant "About" domains, any entrepreneur with the initiative to launch such a directory has added security of complete brand protection.

The Complete Suite

About Care
About Health Care
About Aged Care
About Dementia Care
About Disability Care
About Home Care
About Dental Care
About Child Care

This branded suite is available for acquisition with the inclusion of the secured domains.

More Available Brand Concepts >

AboutCare | AboutHealthCare | AboutAgedCare | AboutDementiaCare | AboutDisabilityCare | AboutHomeCare | AboutDentalCare | AboutChildCare. All Australian domains secured.

New branding for Modular Homes

Quik Qube

This brand concept is available for acquisition with the inclusion of the secured domain.

More Available Brand Concepts >

With the quality and obvious speed benefits of modular housing this industry is gaining more and more exposure. An identifiable and descriptive brand mark will help to establish any new enterprise.

With this growth in the industry we are expecting significant interest in this available branding concept. Your enquiry is urged.

A concept that will establish any modular or transportable home builder or component manufacturer with an industry descriptive and contemporary branding.  |

Studio and luxury home brands listed

Our designers aren't resting at the moment with such a wealth of brilliant brand concepts to be showcased.

The whole team have been dosing up on the coffee and working hard to ensure our future clients have a full spectrum of available brands to suit their new ventures.

Within an industry so competitive, creating or even finding a brand for your start-up venture can prove problematic.

This is the reasoning we continue to be proactive - to give our clients an edge over the competition from the moment they launch. 

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Lux Home

Identifying the more luxurious home range, furniture collection or product offering.

Project Home Packages
Luxury Furnishings
Furniture Showcasing
Branded Residences  |  |

Studio homes

A simple, descriptive representation of the trend toward smaller functional living spaces.

Project Home Packages
Custom Home Builder
Modular Home Production
Online & Print Home Showcase

Brands aimed at interior design added to Showcase

You would by now have noticed the increasing trend toward smarter, more versatile and efficient homes, living spaces, furniture and storage solutions.

To assist those start-ups hoping to advantage this trend we have this week proactively initiated two new branding concept that will hitting the ground running.

BUILT only initiate brands we know will have instant market appeal or where we see demand through developing industries or technologies.

We demand these initiatives contain key searchable words or evoke a strong market sentiment as a long term established entity or business. 

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Space Smart

With the trending toward smaller homes, Designers are developing spaces both smart & efficient.

Small Homes Designs
Smart Storage Solutions
Boutique Housing Project
Interior Design Studio

Versatile Living

A brand containing key searchable terms supported by an easily identifiable and emblematic icon.

Interior Design Studio
Furniture Showcasing
Modular Furniture Systems
Exterior Living Design