New Housing Innovations For Perth

New solutions for new Forms of living! 

Form Homes are one of those companies emerging as the "Next Big Thing" in the Western Australia building industry. We are excited to be partnering with them on this exciting new venture.

Whilst adapting new methods of construction, these guys are driven by the development of innovative housing models to meet the growing demand for affordable accommodation. 

Form Homes responsive website design by BUILT

Time for celebration

Celebrating their launch last week at the Making Fun @ Scale exhibition. The exhibition poses this question to designers: “How consistent is the process in designing objects of various magnitude through the making of scaled or real size models, marquette or prototypes?”

The exhibition is a support event running during the 2014 National Architecture Conference.

Form Homes installation at the Making Fun @ Scale exhibition
Model, concept and installation by BUILT

What's coming next? 

Launching with their creative solutions to meet recent legislative changes that permit Ancillary Housing or Granny Flats, is just a first step!

Just on the horizon is a complete new, more sophisticated, more sustainable and affordable housing model for Western Australia. An incredibly space efficient model that grows, that breathes, that contracts with change, your change! Whether it be for lifestyle or financial growth. 

Form Homes new Adaptive Housing model soon to be launched.
Photoreal rendering by BUILT

You can register on their website to learn more when this innovative model is launched.

Visit the Form Homes website >