New look launch for BUILT

Some times we feel like the painter who leaves his doors unpainted or the builder who never finishes his architraves. So lets call it a work in progress! 

We have just completed a revamp of our BUILT webpage - a nice clean new look! Whilst at it we've completed a few more sections but still need to give some much needed attention to our case studies and works gallery. Yeah yeah we'll get there! 

Our designers are always a little hard pressed on the decision making. Do they attack and develop the stack of brand concepts we have in the pipeline? Do they work on our pages? We have so many concepts to put to air. we want our visitors to find a concept suited their venture. But for one I'm glad the first priority is always to respond to our current client needs.  


By the way, get ready as we have some tasty newly initiated brand concepts in the oven which will be showcased soon!