Studio relative brands showcased

It has been another busy week for the designers here at BUILT with the launch of two new brands.  As we pride ourselves in being immediately attentive to content requests from our existing and growing client base, its a case of burning the midnight oil to add newly available brands to our showcase.

These latest additions aimed to include both domestic and international Architectural Design Studios as viable start-ups who may require a solid brand.

These newly showcased brands utilise a simple logotype style. This provides a simple, elegant and instantly identifiable mark.  

Both brand concepts suit a multitude of viable start-ups or corporate re-branding options. 

Visit our Current Showcase >   

These brand concepts are available for immediate acquisition with the inclusion of the secured domains.

11 Degrees

A simple and yet elegant solution for a design studio, branded development or tourism operations.

Design Studio
Branded Development
Resort Branding
Travel Services


Not really a quirky play on spelling but a solid and identifiable contemporary branding.

Modular Home Production
Architectural Studio
Construction Corporation
Consultancy Practice