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New technologies are emerging in the home construction arena. Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPS) have been utilised in Europe and the United States for many years and now posing a significant change to traditional home construction in the Australia.

Such panels effectively reduce construction times and significantly raise the overall energy efficiencies of the completed homes. They also perform extremely well in bushfire, and therefore permit speedy reconstruction of existing homes ravaged by bushfires. 

Built are proactively initiating brands in anticipation of the increasing adoption of emerging technologies within the building industry.

Whilst some of these technologies have been here for some time, often it has been the poor performance of their brands that has retarded acceptance. 

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Panel Form

With the emergence of new construction technologies demand grows for relevance in branding.

Modular Home Production
Modular Home Systems
Prefabricated Building Panels
Flat Pack Kitchen