Brands aimed at interior design added to Showcase

You would by now have noticed the increasing trend toward smarter, more versatile and efficient homes, living spaces, furniture and storage solutions.

To assist those start-ups hoping to advantage this trend we have this week proactively initiated two new branding concept that will hitting the ground running.

BUILT only initiate brands we know will have instant market appeal or where we see demand through developing industries or technologies.

We demand these initiatives contain key searchable words or evoke a strong market sentiment as a long term established entity or business. 

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Space Smart

With the trending toward smaller homes, Designers are developing spaces both smart & efficient.

Small Homes Designs
Smart Storage Solutions
Boutique Housing Project
Interior Design Studio

Versatile Living

A brand containing key searchable terms supported by an easily identifiable and emblematic icon.

Interior Design Studio
Furniture Showcasing
Modular Furniture Systems
Exterior Living Design