New Look Design for BST Construction

What a great company to work with! 

BST Construction build stunning custom and Architecturally designed homes for some very fortunate clients. The most inspiring aspect of their business model is the relationship they build with clients, ensuring any new client fully understands the building contract.

Anyone who has engaged a builder would attest that contracts, their provisions and clauses can at times be overwhelming. By having a complete understanding of the relationship with the builder, you are assured this relationship is respected from the start of the project to completion.

And what fun we had! 

Developing an industry appropriate corporate re-imaging, including themed story boarding for the site's footer demonstrating their capabilities, were fun projects in themselves. Partnering with a client who understands the aims and intent you propose, is a REAL bonus.  

The site is built on a "responsive" platform so best viewing on any desktop, laptop or mobile interface is assured. 

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