3D Car Collection for SketchUp Launched

One of the main culprits that slow procedures in 3D modelling is "Poly Loads" (the myriads of triangular geometries that compile any 3D form). We set about to develop this set of ultra-low polygon density cars, light enough for populating any scene on mass. Traditionally low poly cars are comprised of around 5000 polygons or faces, these cars achieve around 10% or 500 faces.

Further reductions in memory use are achieved by utilising groups of geometry such as wheels and seats replicated across the car and common to each car. This in effect means the application only needs to remember one wheel replicated multiple times.

During model development close attention to the exposure of only critical line work and contained detail ensured they suit the intended faux pencil, ink and watercolour image export.

Whilst the low poly nature of these vehicles doesn’t suit close up photo realistic renderings, the minimal detail makes them perfect for realistic images of scale models as cast or plastic miniatures.

To support their use in scale model style renders we also developed and included a typical twisted wire tree miniature that is common to many hand built architectural models.

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