3D Plant Collection for SketchUp Launched

We’ve had these plant models on file for a while and decided to put a collection together and make them commercially available as we believe them to be some of the “best in class”!

The collection includes four full 3D Generic Grass Plants. These could be described as low - medium polygon density models, suited to most regions and climates.

Each is accompanied with an ultra-low poly proxy, hi res colour, bump and normal maps. They make great render scene fillers, in many cases serving 60-80% of all plants needed for any exterior scene or animation.

We trialled different techniques to avoid the issue common with such plants where at low camera angles the plant’s lateral foliage tends to visually diminish as the planes have no thickness. We finally overcome this issue by tilting the curved mapping planes.

Tilting the mapped geometry assists in greatly reducing the polygon count, as when multiple leaves and mapped to these planes each have more random radial angles, clever! To keep the "in scene" weight down the leaves are mapped with a greyscale map to which colour is applied through the material editor, whilst this reduces memory drag it also allows for more predictable colour editing!

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