Launching an innovative product, building company, new venture or exciting new project?

You know you'll benefit from a brand that is easy to recall and one that feels long established.

BUILT initiate branding concepts around domains we have already secured for you. It's a practical way to lay foundation for any venture, without digging! 


Domains have been secured and are included with each featured brand.


Featured Available Brands


With the quality and obvious speed benefits of modular housing this industry is gaining more and more exposure. An identifiable and descriptive brand mark will help to establish any new enterprise.

With this growth in the industry we are expecting significant interest in this available branding concept. Your enquiry is urged. | |

Home & Property

As boutique Real Estate Agencies grow in number so does the demand for industry appropriate branding that has immediate and easy recall. 

Home and Property therefore represents one such brand. In fact it may one day be considered "The Brand", right up there with and as the ultimate online property search facility. |

New Home Directions

Brands containing searchable keyword couplings are coveted. The coupling "New Home" represents a highly searched term.

The added twist of taking home living in a continued "new" direction ensures brand longevity.

The concept promotes it's green credentials through the use of a symbolic natural logo. 

AboutCare | AboutHealthCare | AboutAgedCare | AboutDementiaCare | AboutDisabilityCare | AboutHomeCare | AboutDentalCare | AboutChildCare. All Australian domains secured.

About Care

'About Care', an opportunity to establish an online resource for everything About Care.

Covering a full suite of guiding opportunities whilst eliciting "the authoritative resource and online directory to services and providers".  

As we have secured the all relevant "About" domains, any motivated entrepreneur has added security of brand protection.  |

Quik Qube

With the quality and obvious speed benefits of modular housing this industry is gaining more and more exposure. An identifiable and descriptive brand mark will help to establish any new enterprise.

With this growth in the industry we are expecting significant interest in this available branding concept. Your enquiry is urged.

Let's Talk Loans

With greater diversity in home lending, finance providers, brokers, online search and calculator options, the demand for brands that reflect a solid tagline is on the increase.

Let's Talk Loans is one such catchy brand that doesn't lure with it's tag line, it is the tagline, simple! |


Our head creative returned from Italy all inspired with an "idea" one that comes from seeing an "opportunity".

PikNikPak - a concept of support packaging distributed through produce vendors to enable easy cartage to one's choice picnic spot. 

Fortunately the supporting domains have been secured so any budding entrepreneur can run with the idea.  |  |


As the construction industry continues to embrace advancements through BIM technologies, the demand for relevant branding is increasing. 

Logibuild is suggestive of an established firm at the cutting edge of such technological integration to the construction process.


Given the millions of iPhone and Android apps, securing a simple and identifiable brand can prove difficult. More so in securing a brand that best describes the application's functionality in a simple and trademarkable play on spelling. 

A simple branding concept adaptable to a host of e-commerce or professional certification services.

Our brand concepts suit a host of plausible ventures.

BUILT constantly initiate new branding concepts. We may have other concepts under development as a better fit to your endeavour.

Needing a full effective creative campaign?

BUILT can partner your thoughts with our creative team to develop a strong, effective brand strategy and engaging creative campaign.

We encourage you - contact us today!

Given the current take up of domains and increasing demand for easy to recall industry appropriate names, you are urged to act quickly!


Built only initiate concepts around domains that will have instant market appeal or where there is demand from developing industries.

These initiatives must have simple recall, contain searchable terms or elicit the sentiment of a long established entity or business.

More Available Brands


Not really a quirky play on spelling but a solid and identifiable contemporary branding.

Modular Home Production
Architectural Studio
Construction Corporation
Consultancy Practice | |

Panel Form

With the emergence of new construction technologies demand grows for relevance in branding.

Modular Home Production
Modular Home Systems
Prefabricated Panels
Flat Pack Kitchens

Form Homes

With the emergence of new building technologies comes an increasing demand for expressive brands.

Modular Building Panels
Sustainable Homes
Custom Home Builder
Modular Home Construction


Built Small

A simple yet descriptive branding to narrow lot housing, packaged or custom prefabricated solutions.

Project Home Packages
Modular Home Production
Granny Flat Builder
Narrow Lot Housing

Storage Qube

A simple and effective branding with iconic logo and tagline for adaptable storage systems or solutions.

Modular Furniture System
Office Furniture System
Transit Storage Systems
Off-Site Storage Solutions |

Helmsman Sport

Adventure and excitement, sport and fashion – pursuits and products well serviced by a masculine brand.

Sporting Apparel 
Skin & Hair Products
Sailing Print Media
Online Sports News

Lux Home

Identifying the more luxurious home range, furniture collection or product offering.

Project Home Packages
Luxury Furnishings
Furniture Showcasing
Branded Residence | |

Studio homes

A simple, descriptive representation of the trend toward smaller functional living spaces.

Project Home Packages
Custom Home Builder
Modular Home Production
Online & Print Home Showcase

Inhabit Homes

As the trend in sustainable housing grows, brands reflecting this prove greater appeal to the market.

Project Home Packages
Sustainable Homes
Custom Home Builder
Community Builder Identity

11 Degrees

A simple and yet elegant solution for a design studio, branded development or tourism operation.

Design Studio
Branded Development
Resort Branding
Travel Services

Versatile Living

A brand containing key searchable terms supported by an easily identifiable and emblematic icon.

Interior Design Studio
Furniture Showcasing
Modular Furniture Systems
Exterior Living Design |

Space Smart

With the trending toward smaller homes, Designers are developing spaces that are both smart and efficient.

Small Homes Designs
Smart Storage Solutions
Boutique Housing Project
Interior Design Studio |

Foreshore Lifestyle

Developed as a compete lifestyle and property showcase emphasising listing through community engagement.

Agency Property Showcase
Branded Residences
Property and Lifestyle Media
Online Realty Showcase

Avenue Collection

Designed to identify with the more exclusive and elegant product collection or avenue address specific business. 

Project Home Packages
High-End Fashion Collection
Furniture Showcasing
Home Furnishings Showcase

More Available Brands